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Rhythm ID is a self-instruction program for developing and improving recognition of rhythm beat patterns in simple and compound meter.
Learning Basic Rhythm Patterns:
Pull down Rhythm Patterns Menu. Select the meter and number of patterns to practice.
Do the graduated exercises in order. Practice each level until you consistently obtain a score of 90% or better with at least 20 correct answers and no more than an average of 3 repeats; then select and practice the next level. Later, RETURN to the previous level (easier then) and work for a higher score.
To begin, click the green Next Question button. The first two beats are always provided.
Next, click the pattern of each beat using the beat pattern buttons on the screen keyboard.
If you wish to change a beat, 1. click that beat square and 2. click the correct pattern button.
Click Stop/Repeat to hear the question again.
Click Check Answer or press Enter on the computer keyboard to view the correct answer. The score is automatically computed and cannot be changed until you check the next question.
Click Reset Score to start again and try for a better score.
Click Erase All to erase all beats entered in the answer area.
Increase or decrease the tempo by clicking on the metronome.
How To Practice:
Regular practice each day for 15 to 30 minutes is best. Long periods of practice are less effective as the ear tires of repetious drill.
Mastery requires repeated practice over months. Then, occasional practice is necessary to retain and improve accuracy.
ear training

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