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ear training "Mr. Trythall has designed an invaluable and ingenously simple program for ear training. " KBA Complete " encompases the three basic goals of any educational program...the presentation of basic fields of learning, which in music are rhythm, tonality, and harmony.....the subdivision of these fields into repeatable and progressive stages of learning which Mr.Trythall accomplishes rhythmically by creating patterns at the beat level which are easily memorized and transferred to larger forms; tonally by presenting random scale degrees in both major and minor tonalities arranged in a graduated series of progressive steps which culminates in hearing modulations; and harmonically in a graduated set of progressions presented with different vamps... Not only is the KBA program helpful on its own merit, but should easily provide supplemental material for any ear training program. Wish I had this when I went to school!!!!!!!!"Steve Rettegi....musicia n and private teacher for 20 years
ear training "Hello I purchased your software about a week ago and I'm already noticing a difference, be it a small one, in my ability to recognize pitches. I've been playing bass and guitar for about 8 years now and I always relied on patterns and chord shapes to play music. I get excited when I think of the end result of your program. I know other musicians like myself who put off this type of training for one reason or another. I'm very early into the process but I'm already spreading the word. The price is right and it's convenient also, no CD's and the hassles that come with that method. I just wanted to thank you and hopefully I'll be writing you back in a few months as the educated musician I should have been years ago. Thanx" M.F. in Johnston, R.I. USA
ear training "I have used the KBA software for several years with my students at Classen School of Advanced Studies and find them very beneficial. These are programs that provide needed drill and that students find interesting to use. A great feature is that the student is not allowed to make a mistake without immediate feedback (Gotcha!). Chord ID, Pitch ID and Spell ID are programs that would benefit every music student. Dr. Trythall has done music educators as well as aspiring musician a favor by developing these excellent programs." Jack Jones, Music theory & guitar instructor, Classen School of Advanced Studies, Oklahoma City Public Schools

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Richard Trythall's site - My brother Richard is a terrific pianist and composer who lives in Rome Italy. Lots of free music downloads: Jelly Roll Morton, Charles Ives, and others.

John Rickman's Free Online Piano Lessons. An excellent source for beginners seeking information on piano scales, piano chords, and piano chord progressions.

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